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Flat Earth & Buddhism

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Flat Earth & Buddhism
Bagi rekan2 yang beragama Buddha, feel free untuk melakukan kajian tanpa diganggu oleh penganut2 agama lainnya. Forum ini menjunjung tinggi toleransi dan kebebasan beragama.

Pahami dulu kesalahan & kebohongan pada teori yang ada, sebelum bertanya/mempelajari soal Flat Earth. "Kalau tidak rusak, buat apa diperbaiki?"
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titik nol
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RE: Flat Earth & Buddhism
(02-15-2017, 08:00 PM)BossDarling Wrote:  Bagi rekan2 yang beragama Buddha, feel free untuk melakukan kajian tanpa diganggu oleh penganut2 agama lainnya. Forum ini menjunjung tinggi toleransi dan kebebasan beragama.

all right here i'? gonna go into
the cosmology of Buddhism which
basically just ancient cosmology
which is corroborated in a lot
of ancient cultures just a quick
synopsis here to get a basic
vision of some of the cosmology
or cosmogony that I refer to
especially with the Egyptians
they talk about the spirit of
life so the Buddha taught that
there are innumerable beings in
the universe
now this article is written
bassed off the heliosentric
galaxy century space vacuum
fabrication so I fell that you
know necessary to correct this
so the universe universe is an
ocean and we live in one of the
bubbles so when they say the 
universe with they mean from
ancient times isthis notion so
the plane of humans include any
intellegent species on any
planets playing capable of
insight so I've been goin to
this because this arm he didn't
know you didn't know he still
doesn't know but anyway he says
for thousands of years perhaps
from the beginning of the human
species and in case of some
people of continuing through
todau you must not believe that
there was any life on other
planets of the planet earth was
believed to be the center of the
universe God God's other
supernatural beings were
credited with the creation of
life on Earth alone so major was...

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RE: Flat Earth & Buddhism

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RE: Flat Earth & Buddhism
liat dulu videonya ..

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RE: Flat Earth & Buddhism
Mohon izi saya umat islam hanya ingin menyimak disini. Lanjut kan sobat

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RE: Flat Earth & Buddhism
Fundamental to the Tibetan worldview is the artistic and symbolic representation of the cosmos (or some aspect of it, such as the palace of a specific meditational deity) called a mandala. Although representing a three-dimensional structure, mandalas can be two-dimensional paintings on cloth as well as the famous temporary sand mandalas created for specific rituals. Mandalas can also be generated mentally, or symbolized through intricate hand gestures called mudras.

In Tibetan astro science, two distinct flat-earth, stationary, geocentric cosmologies are recognized, both developed in India and later translated into Tibetan. The first is the Abhidharma system, expounded in the 4th or 5th century Indian text Abhidharmakosha (Treasury House of Knowledge) by Vasubandhu, and the Kalachakra system (Wheels of Time), whose root text was translated into Tibetan in 1027 A.D.. Both systems are mandala-like world systems made of concentric oceans and mountain ranges centered around an axis, Mount Meru. The known world exists on one of the four major continents (with other minor accompanying continents), the southern continent, called Jambudvipa. Mount Meru is lapis-blue on our side, which explains why it cannot be seen, but instead blends in with the sky's color.The heavenly bodies orbit around Mount Meru. The cosmic mandala pictured in the header above shows a bird's-eye view of Mount Meru and the orbits of the planets (including sun and moon).The world system, with its complex layered base, floats in space, and is only one of an immense number of such world systems, termed the trichilicosm (a number usually considered to be over a billion). The most obvious differences between the two cosmological systems are geographic and geometric, such as the shape of Mount Meru. Compare the pictures below for more details. To the Tibetans, the existence of two seemingly conflicting cosmological systems is not a problem, as neither is meant to be a complete representation of the universe as it is actually observed by scientists. As with all constructions such as mandalas and meditational deities, they serve different purposes and different audiences. converterunit.net For example, the Kalachakra cosmology is used philosophically to draw connections between cycles in the universe and those of human existence, and in an astronomical sense to develop a complex lunar calendar. Another central idea in Tibetan Buddhism is the concept that the Buddha taught many different kinds of texts and meditational systems because there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to the road to enlightenment. Different practitioners have different intellectual and emotional capacities, and therefore different teachings are required to reach all possible students.. https://www.converterunit.net/inches-to-cm/
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